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MATHRUSRI WELFARE SOCIETY is a Non-profitable Humanitarian Grassroots Relief and Development Facilitator to promote transformed communities with an assured sustainability. It serves children, families and communities living in poverty and injustice regardless of religion, caste, race, ethnicity or gender.
 It is an organization that serves for the wholistic solace of the poor and marginalized.
MATHRUSRI WELFARE SOCIETY initiated its operations in Nalgonda District of Telangana State



Our Mission
1. Empowered Communities. which are participatory in all-round development and the sustainability thereof.
2. Emergency Relief. that prioritizes on disaster risk mitigation and the facilitation of timely aid during calamities.
3. Promotion of Justice. that fosters community-based efforts to change unjust structures which are termed as curse on the underprivileged jeopardizing their very existence and welfare.
4. Nurtured Networks. that leads to informed convergence to combat web-of-poverty in a cooperative and coordinated manner.


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